Apart from enjoying the exhibitions and the projections at the Visitor Center (CEV), schools can develop astronomy workshops with their students. These astronomy workshops are designed and developed by specialists in different areas. Our goal is to create in each student who visits the CEV a learning experience, approaching their interests and motivations for science and space technology.

This is why we have a variety of workshops, all of them adapted to the psychoevolutive moment of the students, so that the experience of teaching-learning is the most ideal possible. Therefore, students will integrate a global vision of the Universe in their mental structures.

In order for these workshops to have a continuation, there is a document available with some activities to accomplish before the workshop, and another document with some activities to strengthen their knowledge after the workshop. These documents are at the end of each description.

The minimum number of students required to develop any of the available astronomy workshops is 30. The maximum number depends on the chosen astronomy workshop, and it’s clearly specified in the description of each of them.

Your students are at…

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Astronomical observations

We organize, together with some Astronomy Associations, day or night observations with some optical telescopes, that we place outside the Visitor Centre, at the parking lot. These observations are  suitable for adults and children. The capacity of the observations is limited. 
In this observations people will be able to see, using the telescopes provided, some celestial objects (depending on its position) such as the Moon, some planets, stars, comets, etc.


We organize different conferences, held by great professionals, that talk about some of the missions that are been tracked by t DSN (Deep Space Network). You can check our agenda to see which one will be next.