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Terrestrial communications.


Terrestrial communication systems.


MDSCC Complex is part of a global terrestrial network, and all the centers that form part of it are permanently connected among them. In Spain, the communications between the complex and the United States use Telefónica, a Spanish company.

The connection is made by diversified circuits formed by terrestrial cables, radio links and submarine cables, which are regularly adapted to the needs of the space missions and technological development in both systems and components.

Through these circuits information packets are exchanged containing telemetry data and command links with the space vehicles, as well as e-mail, television, voice, and auxiliary data from the terrestrial systems.

Currently digitized lines are used to link the Madrid complex with Pasadena (California), and Greenbelt (Maryland), through which spacecraft controllers can be connected to the mission researchers in charge of the experiments on board the spacecraft. They also exchange messages for Network management.




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